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Open Junior Summer Programme

Our Summer Junior Programmes at Chaucer College is a mixture of communicative English language classes, fun activities, project work and unforgettable excursions. 

Our lessons are designed to improve and consolidate each learner's English, with a focus on listening and communication skills, vocabulary and grammar development. 

Course Information 2024

  • Course Dates: 24th June - 4th August 2024 

  • Course Length: Flexible, between 1 -4 weeks

  • Arrival / Departure Day: Monday  

  • Student Age: 11 - 17 year olds 

  • Accommodation: Full board residential

  • Lesson Hours: 17 hours of tuition a week 

  • Excursions: 1 full day trip, and 1 half day trip included 



Elevate your students' summer to unforgettable heights with our Junior Summer Program, blending enriching learning experiences with plenty of activities and excursions. Our immersive approach not only cultivates academic growth but also creates lasting memories. Students will have the opportunity to forge global friendships, connecting with peers from diverse backgrounds. To find out more, get in touch below.